We want to make sure you get the services and prices you expect. We constantly create innovative ways to save you money without compromising quality. Your smile is important to us.

General Dentistry

We create beautiful smiles with cleanings, cavity care and (tooth colored) fillings, oral hygiene, root canals and infection treatment and control.


We can correct alignment with traditional braces and also Invisalign® braces. Invisalign®​ braces are almost invisible can be removed if needed making them convenient while at the same time beneficial to your smile.


We can create partial dentures and full dentures to give you the smile you deserve.


Cleanings can help maintain your smile and quickly find problems before they cost you time and money. Preventative care is the cheapest way to keep that smile looking good.


We can whiten teeth, straighten teeth, create the exact smile you want, create dental implants that match your teeth, build dentures and put on veneers that make your teeth look the exact color you want.


We can whiten your teeth during your appointment to keep your smile bright or make it a little brighter. We can also put on veneers (thin layer of white enamel) to make your smile instantly shine.


Dental implants can replace teeth or even fill spaces in your smile. They look and feel just like your original teeth. You'll never know they aren't real so you can keep on smiling.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease left untreated can deteriorate teeth and cause expensive problems later. We control and treat gum disease to help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Dental Surgery

We preform dental surgery such as crowns, bridge work and wisdom teeth extraction.

Pediatric Dentistry

We are very skilled and experienced working with children.